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Overview of Local Self-funding

If you do not qualify for local authorities or council support it may be necessary to purchase the care you need privately through home care agencies, all of which have to be registered with the relevant social care registered authority who also inspect them to ensure the care they are delivering is up to the minimum standards as per care planned.

The cost of employing a home care agency will depend on where you live and the amount of care you need. If you are looking for some health and social care, such as home care support at home, home adaptations or a care home place, then you may have questions about how to pay for it.

We know this can be a complicated and distressing process, so we will try to take you through it step-by-step as best we can.

Paying for Care Privately or Self-funding home care is a quite common and around two-fifths of places in independent homes care are funded by private individuals. 

If your relative is self-funding they are free to choose their own home care management agency, which usually means they will have a wider choice than that of people funded by the local authority. However, if your relative needs support in finding a home care, the local authority can help to find somewhere suitable, quality and recommended care provider.

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